• Bib distribution at Santa Chiara Auditorium from 7.40 am to 8.50 am

  • The new registrations will be taken exclusively from 7.40 am to 8.30 am

  • Luggage bag for Scarpa Short on a bus in San Colombano up to 8.50 am

  • Electronic check before departure from 8.50 am

  • Competitive Trail departure at 9.00 am in San Colombano square

  • Non-competitive Minitrail start at 9.10 am

  • Arrival of first competitors Scarpa Short at 10.10 am in Marsaglia

  • Start transport of shuttles from Marsaglia to Bobbio 11.00 am

  • Arrival of Minitrail's first competitors at 10.30 am

  • Arrival expected first competitor La Scarpa 12.30 am in San Francesco square

  • Absolute prizes at Santa Chiara Auditorium at 1.00 pm Short ore 3.00 pm Scarpa

  • Maximum time for the arrival of the last competitors at 4.30 pm

  • End of the event at 5.00 pm

Thanks to the collaboration of: